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Submit a FREE no-rush request for up to 48 hours evaluation, or same day high Priority evaluation request. We will analyze your sample encrypted files to determine the best and most cost effective solution. Upon evaluation we will provide you with a fixed recovery price

Ransomware Cleanup

Most Ransomware is a Ticking Time Bomb. Talk to our recovery experts to ensure your computer and network 100% ransomware free. We are always up-to-date with the latest attack vectors and methods. Protect your recovered data from another attack.

Data Decryption

No reason to panic, stay calm. Our recovery expert experts at RDRS has a success rate of 100% and we are able to remove all ransomware We will decrypt All your data back. Our services backed up with
No Data= No Charge policy

Phone Consultation

You will receive a Free phone consultation with a cyber security expert to determine the be st, most cost effective solution. Our specialists will provide you recomendation and advise on the next steps to begin your improvements to prevent from similar attacks.

RDDS Free & Emergency Ransomware Evaluation will provide you with a fixed price for complete data recovery.

Call us or Submit a Case to get call back from our specialist to discuss your options.

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How Ransomware Data Recevery Works

In order to streamline your evaluation and better serve you, we utilise a support ticket system.
Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.


RDRS offers a no-obligation free evaluation to analyse your files and determine the type of encryption. Please advise us if this is an emergency as we have priority service with a 4 -18 hours evaluation turnaround or our free evaluation (up to 10 days) at no cost.
Please note: For Dharma/Crysis/Gandcrab Ransomware we can expedite the evaluation process. We will provide you with a 1 hour evaluation and we have an option to recover your files in 24 hours*.

Data Decryption Cost

Based on the analysis we will provide you with a flat rate quote.
Pricing is reflective on what our engineers discover in the initial evaluation phase. 80% of most ransomware recovery will cost between $750 to $4,500 based on past experience.

* Price will vary depending on the complexity of your encrypted files and not on the number of files or amount of data to recovery.

Data Recovery Guarantee

If we are unable to recover any of your files the full amount will be refunded or on pro- rata basis in the odd case where some files have failed to recover.

We operate under a no data no charge policy, and in the odd and very unlikely scenario we're unsuccessful in recovery your data, there will be no charge- full amount you paid will be refunded

Ransomware Cleanup and Prevention Services

RDRS offers two types of Ransomware Clean-up and Prevention services:

  • Basic Ransomware Protection - to eliminate the chance of a reinfection on the server prior to restoring/decrypting your data
  • Full Ransomware Prevention - where we analyse your network, provide a detailed report on how to prevent and protect your network from a re-infection.
* Please keep in mind that there is a possibility that your insurance policy may cover the cost of this service after the deductible is met.

Advanced Penetration Testing Services

Small and large business are frequently targeting by social engineering attacks, like data-based injections, phishing, and many others. Small and Mid size companies do not have the IT resources of larger, enterprise-sized companies making these businesses vulnerable and easier target. Majority of Small and Mid size businesses don’t have don’t have the IT resources to prevent attacks before they happen. RDRS can help to identify vulnerability by performing penetration tests and advise on remediation process.

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