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About Us

How we are different?

RDDS is one of the very few companies to offer Ransomware data Decryption services as an outsourced service and is a recognized leader in restoring data for individuals and business around the globe.
One of RDDS core specialties is removing ransomware, decrypting encrypted data, and preventing organizations from becoming ransomware victims. Our response team is standing-by and ready 24/7 to help organizations in need. Ransomware removal is guaranteed.

RDDS is the largest ransomware recovery service in Canada with a growing list of international clients.
We have a dedicated team working around the clock in decrypting, analyzing and preventing ransomware attacks with 100% success rate.

Whether you’re an individual or business who needs data recovered from a recent locky, cryptolocker, cryptowall, Aleta, Cesar, Gryphon and the like, Fast Data Recovery has the right tools, state of art equipment and best industry knowledge for guaranteed ransomware recovery, ransomware removal, and ransomware prevention.

We are offering an extensive range of ransomware decryption and prevention services.

  • Free & pirority ransomware evaluation & recovery
  • Ransomware prevention and protection service
  • IT Consultancy
  • Business it support
  • Cryptolocker decryption service
  • AGL decryption service
  • Data backup & protection
  • Penetration tests
  • Vulnerability scan