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Why choose RDDS for your Ransomware Recovery?

Trust our expertise in ransomware recovery service.
Based in Canada we support client’s worldwide
100% Guaranteed Recovery from most types of ransomware
We are available 24/7 to start your recovery immediately.
24-48 hours Recovery in most cases*
Fixed Quotes, no hidden fees
Fast Ransomware data recovery turn around
10+ years of data recovery experience
No Data - No Charge

What is the Ransomware Recovery Process?

In order to minimize delay in data recovery please read the information below to have a full understanding of the process.
For urgent cases, select Priority Evaluation for (1-24 hour response time).

Note: Most recoveries are completed in 24-48 hours*.

Step 1: Create a new Case

The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the complexity of infection and cost associated with the recovery. Every infection is unique and we can only determine the cost of recovery after a proper evaluation. We have 100% success rate with most ransomware infections like BIP, COMBO, JAVA, Arrow, Cryptolocker, DMA, XTBL, Kyra, Locky, Thor, CrytpoMIX, Microsoft Crypto, Aleta, Arena, Nuclear, NM4, Gryphon, BTC, and Zepto. We operate on No Data = No Charge!

When submitting a ticket, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Enter your details
  • Select the type of evaluation
  • PLEASE NOTE: Free Evaluation can take 10-14 days on average

Option 1:


  • Priority Evaluation
  • Cost of Priority evaluation is $175 for a limited time.
  • The cost of the evaluation will go towards the recovery of your files
  • 1-hour response time in most cases
  • Send 3-4 small sample files. Each ID is unique and the cost of recovery is determined per ID
  • Submit a case

Option 2:

Priority Evaluation (All other Ransomware).

  • Free Evaluation can take 10-14 days on average.
  • Cost of Priority evaluation is $350 (4-24 Hours).
  • The cost of the evaluation will go towards the recovery of your files.
  • You are covered by our No Data = No Charge policy.
  • 4 to 24 Hours response time in most cases.
  • Send 3-4 small sample files with different extensions plus the ransomware note (the ransomware note contains important information about your ransomware infection)
  • Submit a case

Step 2: Evaluation

Depending on the evaluation you have selected we will commence analysing your files to determine the cost associated with recovery. If you selected a priority evaluation you will receive an invoice from our accounts department and upon receipt of payment, we will commence the evaluation. Cost of evaluation will go towards your recovery cost. After Evaluation, a quote with the cost of recovery will be emailed to you

Step 3: Quote

Upon completion of the evaluation, a quote will be sent to you in 1-4 hours with the associated cost to recover your data.

  • 80% of most jobs cost between $750 – $4000 USD
  • Actual cost can only be determined after we analyse your files.
  • Most of our jobs are recovered in (24-48 hours) but allow up to 5 days in more complex cases.
  • All jobs are started immediately after quote acceptance.
  • A quote will be provided based on one ID (each infected computer file have unique ID). Notify us immediately if you have additional IDs on your files.

Step 4: Quote Acceptance

Once you accept the quote, an invoice will be sent to you to commence recovery. Upon receiving your payment, your data recovery job will start immediately.

Step 5: Initial Recovery Process

Upon completion of the evaluation, a quote will be sent to you in 1-4 hours with the associated cost to recover your data.

  • We will work on the original sample files submitted as part of the ticket until we reverse-engineer the unique decryption key from your sample files.
  • Once the encryption key has been identified, we will contact you or update the ticket to start the second stage of recovery. No access to your system is required at this stage.
  • PLEASE FOLLOW THE PRE-RECOVERY CHECKLIST AND PROCEDURES to ensure your system is ready for recovery (will be emailed to you)

Step 6: Actual Recovery & Prevention

Upon a successful remote connection to your infected computer every file on your PC/Server will scanning to create a list of infected files set for recevery.
Another scan will run right after the first one to find and decrypt decryption master key for specific ID you provided. Your ticket will update to reflect every recovery step.
A basic recommendation will be made to identify the risk of infection and discuss the appropriate solution to avoid furthur attacks in the future.